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Wedding Filmmaker

Wedding filmmaking is a truly rewarding and exciting passion.  I’ve always found making any film to be exhilarating and creative whether it’s a corporate film or an indy short, but wedding films have a unique set of challenges and rewards which makes them really special.  The feeling of anticipation as the day builds towards the ceremony, the once in a lifetime moments, the unpredictable nature of a live event all play a part in my love of wedding filmmaking.

I’ve been making films of one kind or another for 16 years since I started to shoot music videos for my band in my late teens. After studying Sound and Video Technology at Salford University I went on to shoot hundreds of hours of online tutorials, made many promotional films, created vlogs about my hobby of running and of course started my own company dedicated to the art of wedding filmmaking.

Why Work With Me


Every couple has a story, some have ups, some have downs, but all have found the courage to stand up and say “I choose this person forever” and that to me is epic! I want to make love stories; the ultimate happy endings, just like in the movies and that’s what I strive for when I make your wedding film. 

I’m always honoured to be given the opportunity to capture a wedding on film and I’m dedicated to making a film you’ll love; a little piece of your history that in 40 years time you’ll watch together with family and a lifetimes worth of memories to look back on. That’s so important and it’s an amazing thing to be part of.

Let’s make a wedding film.


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